Three beautifully illustrated deliveries of Pure Grade Saffron, for curious cooks & connoisseurs. 
Discover the most precious flavor in the world.
Follow Signor Zafarano on a historic journey

Explore the ancient flavors that shaped Mediterranean cuisine as we know it today, with Zafarano as your guide. We find Signor Zafarano in the port of Venice, the capital of Italian commerce in the late 13th century. Tales of exotic materials, precious metals and incredible riches can be heard on every canal, but none is more intriguing than the story of a delicate spice rumored to be worth its weight in gold.  

Our quest to find the source of za'farān, as it was known at the time, will take us to the great capitals of the ancient world. From Venice in Renaissance Italy, through Constantinople in the Byzantine Empire and over the Himalaya Mountains into the Steppes of the great Mongol Empire. It is in the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains, however, where we will get our first taste of success: the world's best saffron, cultivated in the fertile Hari River valley.

An ancient tradition of saffron cultivation
What makes saffron from ancient Hari River valley worth its weight in gold?
Annual Autumn Harvest

Our saffron is produced from the sativus crocus flower, planted in early summer in the fertile Hari River valley. Blooming starts in late fall, when flowers are picked before sunrise each morning to protect the three precious red stigma threads hidden inside each flower's bright purple petals.

Stigma are picked by hand

Once gathered, the crocus flowers are carefully carried to each farmer's homestead, where local women are employed to apply their delicate touch to picking the three red stigma threads from each flower - by hand. This same technique has been passed down from old to young for centuries.

150 Flowers per gram

It takes 150 flowers to make up just one gram (0.04 ounce) of dried saffron.

These precious red threads are collected in large, flat woven baskets, sifted to separate levels of quality - large red ones are best, small yellow ones are poor - and then placed in the heat of the desert sun to dry. 

Venetian-style glass vase

True to our quest to find the most precious flavors, we only select 250+ color count saffron - the highest quality available in the world today. You can recognize it by its large size and deep burgundy colour. It is stored in hand-blown glass vases to protect against exposure to air and moisture.

Choose from three beautifully illustrated deliveries of Pure Grade Saffron, for curious cooks & connoisseurs. 
Transform your home cooking
Cook with the world's best Pure Grade Saffron

Pure Grade Saffron absolutely transforms white meats, soups, vegetables or any rice dish - including paella - with its unmistakeable savory flavor. 

You'll find easy and delicious recipes in the Welcome Pack with every delivery so that you can get inspired and cooking straight away. This month's recipes include the legendary classic 'Risotto alla Milanese' with its rich saffron yellow hue, alongside simple and absolutely scrumptious 'Arancini' balls!

Get cooking with your very own "Ciao Venezia" Cook's Pouch
Ciao Venezia

Receive a precious pouch of Pure Grade Saffron direct from our farmers' 2015 harvest, picked by hand from 150 flowers.

Including Free Shipping
  • Pure Grade Saffron Certificate & Welcome Pack
  • "Paiza Token" to redeem your Free Saffron Cooking Guide
  • Net Weight: 1g/0.04 oz
Give the most precious flavor in the world.
Give the gift of Pure Grade Saffron
Welcome Pack & Certificate

Your lucky gift recipient will receive their 'Ciao Venezia' welcome pack within a week of placing your order. Each pack includes:

  • Handwritten 'Ciao Venezia' Gift Certificate with their name
  • Sample pouch of Pure Grade Saffron picked by hand from 50 flowers
  • Recipe ideas to get cooking straight away
  • A 'Paiza Token' number to register for spring delivery updates

Next, choose which Spring Delivery you would like to include with your gift.

Choose a Spring Delivery:
Souks of Ariana

It is in the 'souk' marketplaces around Herat, the ancient capital of Ariana, where Signor Zafarano stumbles across the world's best saffron - success at last.

'sOUKS OF ARIANA' spring delivery
Including Free Shipping
  • New Harvest (2016) Pure Grade Saffron from 500 flowers
  • Sealed in a hand-crafted Venetian-style glass vase
  • Delivered in beautifully illustrated 'Souks of Ariana' gift box
  • Net Weight: 3.7g/0.13oz
Himalayan Nights

Follow Signor Zafarano into the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains, on his journey to discover the source of the world's best saffron - the fertile Hari River valley.

'Himalayan nights' spring delivery
Including Free Shipping
  • New Harvest (2016) Pure Grade Saffron from 1,000 flowers
  • Sealed in a hand-crafted Venetian-style glass vase
  • Delivered in beautifully illustrated 'Himalayan Nights' gift box
  • Net Weight: 7g/0.25oz
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The whole world is talking about saffron from Herat:
"A staple in Indian, Moroccan and Persian cuisine, it is also a crucial ingredient in European dishes like Spanish paella and French bouillabaisse."
"Saffron has been promoted as an alternative to opium and a profitable crop for farmers...who can earn up to six times more money this way."
"...chefs can now stock their spice racks with organic, socially responsible saffron — that also happens to be superior to alternatives from Spain and Iran."
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